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Participant stories


The Parallel run will be so different and amazing as she and her siblings are the ones taking part.

Hope's Story

It was one of the most challenging events I have attended, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Cheryl's Story

I heard about Parallel and liked the idea it's all inclusive for disabled and able bodied.

Grace’s Story

Maya may also take part in the 100m event for the first time with her kaye walker after just learning to walk with it this year following bilateral hip reconstruction in 2015.

Maya's Story

I wanted to signed up for Parallel to support people who have to overcome, or live with disability – to show what is possible.

Eric's Story

Don’t push yourself (or your dog/carer) too hard and drink enough water.

Jan's Story

I've never been in a race before and when mum told me about this one I was so excited!

Chilli's Story

Meadow is my reason for taking part in the 10k run. Meadow was born with a congenital heart disorder

Patricia's Story

By the Parallel 2017 event Lyra will be able to walk some of the distance with her walking frame.

Davis Family Story

I will be taking part in the Super Sensory 1km with my son, It’s his first race in a wheelchair!

Kat's Story

It's an honour to raise funds to help support the (Matt Hampson) Foundations future.

Kathryn's Story

These games are a fantastic event for me to aim and train for and by taking part I can raise money for Livability.

Dave's Story

What a fantastic opportunity to race at the Olympic Park in my home city.

Charlotte's Story

the residents really enjoyed it and talked about it endlessly!

John Groom Court's Story

She finds many things a challenge but is always happy and smiling. She always tries her hardest.

Hutchinson's Family Story

Ethan can't wait to complete it and get his medal!

Doherty’s Family story

We loved the idea of it being inclusive, this really is the backbone of what Phab is all about.

Epsom and Ewell Phab’s team story

Danny will doing the 5k race in his wheelchair hoping to raise money for Livabiltiy.

Danny’s Story

Matt is looking forward to coming to the Olympic park and raising money for a good cause.

Matthew’s Story

The walk is going to be very challenging as Mia has not been able to walk for about 6 weeks! But she's very determined! I will be behind her every step of the way!

Mia’s Story

We signed up for Parallel because I read an article by a young journalist sharing some of their life as a wheelchair user, it was a journey of many emotions.

Sheerin’s Story

She was so impressed by Tracy running the London marathon she wanted to take part in a race too.

Joshua and Charlotte’s Story

You can't think about anyone else! I just look ahead and try not to focus on the sprinters whizzing bye!

Sally’s Story

My mummy pushed me - I love to go really fast which made her really tired!

Abbie’s Story

Aged five, Bertie thinks it’s completely natural that he should be able to join in any sport on his own terms. In his mind, he is an Olympian. We want to keep it that way.

Bertie and Alison’s Story
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