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Our story

who we are

Parallel London was created by Andrew Douglass, Chief Executive of live events agency innovision. Its patron is Nick Ashley-Cooper, 12th Earl of Shaftesbury. Andrew and Nick met through supporting the spinal cord research charity, Wings for Life.

innovision are behind some of London’s largest public events over the past 18 years.
Recently these include the Paralympic Marathon, the Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay for Lloyds Banking Group and the London 2012 Athletes’ Parade.

Andrew and Claudia Douglass (Co-Founders of innovision) are the owners of Parallel London. Nick Ashley-Cooper, a spinal cord injury survivor, is passionate about building on the legacy of his social reformer ancestor, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury.

what we want

The long-term vision is for Parallel London to grow into a major annual fixture in the national event calendar that will:

– Encourage more active lifestyles and fitness, regardless of ability
– Create significant new fundraising opportunities for charities of all sizes
– Positively change public attitudes towards disability and impairment
– Shine a light on accessibility in everyday life

Parallel London is a not-for-profit initiative. All surplus funds generated from the event will be redistributed to nominated charities.

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