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1. Do I have to have a disability to enter?
Not at all. Entry to Parallel is open to all, regardless of age or ability. We actively encourage everyone to take part as we want our event to be as inclusive as possible. We hope families, friends, colleagues and community members will unite to take on a challenge together.

2. What are the race distances?
You can choose from the following challenges: 5km, 1km, 100m and Super Sensory 1km. Run it, walk it, push it or be pushed. Everybody running together, side by side.

3. Is this a competitive event?
Only if you want it to be. Everyone will be given a free chip timer which will record the time they take to complete their challenge so they know what to beat next year. It’s not about a single winner, but coming together to support each other over the finish line. We believe every participant should be celebrated for taking part.

4. Are there cut-off times?
No there are no cut-off times. Everyone will be given the time they need to finish the race.

5. What age do I have to be to enter?
Participants who have a friend of family member to accompany them around the course can be any age. Here are our minimum age guidelines for those without a push buddy:
100m: 1+ years
1km: 6+ years
5km: 9+ years
10km: 13+ years

6. What if some participants don’t feel comfortable in large crowds?
We must underline that the nature of our event means there will be lots of people and noise. However, we are aware that some participants can become anxious in large crowds. Due to this, we will provide dedicated quiet areas in the festival village for those looking to take some quiet time out. We can also create smaller start waves for participants who would prefer to set off in a smaller crowd. If you have any concerns of this nature please call us on 020 7034 4846 or send us an email.

7. Do children need to be accompanied?
All children who are 13 years or under must take part with a paying adult. Any one adult can accompany a maximum of three children.

8. What if I need support to complete Parallel?
Any participant who requires a helping hand around the course is welcome to bring a friend or family member free of charge. Please note that these free friend and family support places are only redeemable in tandem with a full price adult/youth/child place.

9. How many free friend and family support places are permitted per person?
Everyone who needs a support is welcome to bring one free friend or family member per entry. Should you require an additional buddy please contact us on
+44 (0) 20 7034 4846.

10. Do I need to train?
Although it’s not a prerequisite, it is important to be in the best shape you can be to enjoy yourself to the full and minimise the risk of injury.

11. Do I have to register for one of the races to attend the family festival?
No. The festival is free for everybody to attend and you don’t need to register beforehand.

12. What happens if I get injured?
If you get an injury, you should go to your GP and/or a physiotherapist for advice. Hopefully, your injury will recover quickly and you will be able to get back to training. However, if your injury is severe and prevents you from training for a long time, you might need to consider whether you are able to participate in this event. If this happens, we would ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can update our records and explain the process should you need to drop out of the race.

13. What equipment is allowed?
We welcome all sorts of mobility aids on the course.

14. Are spectators welcome?
Absolutely. We encourage friends and family and anyone up for a wonderful day out to come along and encourage participants over the finish line. What’s more, there will be a free family festival showcasing the best in accessible attractions to keep all ages entertained throughout the day. Keep an eye on our festival page for updates on the day’s attractions.
Spectators will be able to line the course where there are barriers in place, but we ask that visitors stay clear of the route where there are no barriers as we want to avoid pedestrians crossing in front of participants.

15. My friend/family member is unable to run but has a place; can I run using their entry?
Places in Parallel are not transferable except in the case of extenuating circumstances. Please contact us for guidance.

16. Is there a race capacity for Parallel?
No – the more the merrier. We encourage large groups of friends, family and corporates to take part, side by side.

17. How can charities get involved?
Parallel is a unique and powerful fundraising opportunity. Much like other large-scale annual sporting events, charities are invited to buy charity places, which they can allocate to their community and supporters in return for fundraising an agreed amount of money for them. Parallel is a not-for-profit organisation and any profit generated from the event will be shared between our official charity partners.

18. Is it possible for a new charity to buy places for Parallel?
If you are a UK registered charity you can buy charity places. If you are an overseas charity wishing to participate in Parallel, please contact us at

19. Do all participants need to raise money for charity?
If you have bought your own place it is not a prerequisite, but we encourage all participants to make the most of all their hard work and fundraise for a good cause.

20. What time do the fun runs start?
• 10km will set off at 10.00am
• 5km will set off at 11.00am
• 1km will set off at 11.30am
• 1km Super Sensory will set off at 12.00am
• 100m will set off at 12:40pm

Please ensure you are at the Start Line at least 30 minutes before your race starts.

21. Is there anywhere to leave my bag?
There will be a bag drop area in the info point by the start line for any possessions you would like to keep safe whilst participating, but don’t bring any valuables with you to the event.

22.Should I warm up first?
Commando Active will be at the start line to get you warmed up and ready for the day. The 15 minute warm up will be action packed for all ages and abilities.

23. What are the opening times for the festival?
The festival opens at 9:30am and closes at 4:00pm

24. What are the set times for the main stage?
• 12:00-12:40 Wild Cats
• 12:50-13:20 JJ Rosa
• 13:40-14:10 DM Collaborate
• 14:35-14:55 Electric Umbrella
• 15:10-15:40 Include Choir

25. What time are the talks at the Parallel beats stage?
• 11:00-11:20 Adam Pearson
• 11:40-12:00 Peter Thompson
• 12:30-12:50 Mik Scarlet
• 13:00-13:20 Jordan Jarrett-Bryan
• 13:45-14:05 Nicki Donnelly
• 14:10-14:30 Dan White
• 14:35-14:55 Mark & Samantha Bullock
• 15:00-15:20 Andrew Douglass
• 15:25-15:45 Martyn Sibley

26. What time are the workshops?
There are 3 x workshop areas located in the festival:

Active Workshops (in the Active Lifestyle Zone)
• 12:20-13:20 Train Body Brain
• 13:25-13:55 Burlexercise
• 14:15-14:45 Heal & Relax
• 14:55-15:55 Train Body Brain

Music Workshops (in the innovision Culture Zone)
• 12:00-12:45 Newham Music
• 13:00-13:50 Deaf and Hearing Ensemble
• 14:05-14:35 Include Choir
• 14:50-15:35 Newham Music

Lifestyle Workshops (in the Family Zone)
• 11:30-12:00 Heal & Relax
• 12:15-12:45 Funtastic Tales
• 12:55-13:55 Sensory Spectacle
• 13:25-13:55 Heal & Relax
• 14:35-14:55 Funtastic Tales
• 15:05-15:25 Book Signing – Dan White, Department of Ability

27. Will I be able to find out my fun run time?
Yes – there will be an RF Tech station located near the finish line where you will be able to type in your race number and get your finish time.
Alternatively, you can check your results at ANY time during the day at The website will be live from the morning of the event.

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